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Save Money with the Power Saver Rewards Program

Pioneer understands that managing your household budget can be challenging, so we encourage our customers to enroll in a free program that rewards you for temporarily cutting back your energy use for just a few hours in the summer months during a Flex Alert.

Program Elements: How It Works

To keep the electricity on and avoid the need for power outages, Pioneer customers can volunteer to reduce their energy usage during Power Saver events. These may occur between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. If you choose to participate, you will receive a notification the day before an event, reminding you to reduce your electricity usage during a specific time. Learn more about when the power goes out on our power outages page

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During a Flex Alert,  Power Saver participants join others in the community to help ensure that the power grid can meet the demand. It’s as simple as turning off lights you’re not using, setting your thermostat to 78 degrees, unplugging appliances that aren’t in use, and postponing the use of energy-intensive items like EV chargers, clothes dryers and washing machines. Little things can make a big difference and everyone benefits! 


Program Requirements: Who is Eligible to Participate in the Power Saver Rewards Program?

You must meet the following conditions to participate in Power Saver Rewards.

  • You must be a Pioneer customer or an electric customer of PG&E.
  • You must have a SmartMeter.
  • You can’t be enrolled in a conflicting PG&E or non-utility program that reduces peak hour energy use. For more information, visit

Program Information: What Do I Need to Know

How the Program Rewards You

As a Power Saver, voluntarily reducing your energy use during Flex Alerts can earn you rewards! Your account is credited $1 per kilowatt hour of energy you save during these events. The credit will be issued on your bill after October 31, when the Power Saver Rewards season ends.

Pioneer chose to participate in this state-funded program, which is administered by PG&E through Olivine, Inc., as part of our ongoing commitment to keep your costs down. Participation in the Power Saver Rewards Program is free for our customers and gives you another way to save money. For more information, visit

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What If You Volunteer but Can’t Participate Every Time?

There is no penalty if you sign up to participate in the program, but you can’t reduce your power use for every event. The Power Saver Rewards Program is entirely voluntary, so you are not obligated to participate every time you are notified in advance that an event will occur the next day. When you do participate, you earn credits on your bill — and you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping keep the power on, along with your neighbors and community members volunteering to cut their energy use for a few hours. Your support helps protect our most vulnerable neighbors, including the elderly and the very young.


You will be credited $1 per kilowatt hour of energy that you save during these events.

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For more information about the Power Saver Rewards Program or to enroll, visit