PG&E has increased rates for all customers to support their poles and wires (T&D). This affects Pioneer and non-Pioneer customers equally – everyone’s rates will go up the exact same dollar amount.
Don’t be misled. We guarantee that Pioneer’s savings over PG&E have not changed. Calculate your savings in El Dorado and Placer County.

Pioneer Supports Solar

Update for NEM 3.0

Pioneer And Commercial Solar

Are you a Pioneer commercial or business customer interested in installing or switching to solar energy? Do you have a commercial solar array installed and want to learn more about Pioneer’s Net Energy Metering (NEM) program?

Pioneer is committed to being a resource for commercial solar customers through every stage of the process, from understanding the potential commercial solar savings, solar panel and system installation to understanding your solar energy bill and Net Energy Metering. Learn more about Pioneers NEM Policy.

The California Public Utilities Commission and Pioneer Community Energy advises all enterprises and businesses considering solar to review the Solar Consumer Guide to learn more.

Benefits Of Pioneer’s NEM Program

  • With Net Energy Metering (NEM), solar generation credits are applied at the retail rate against the electricity consumed each month.
  • Pioneer pays $.005 (1/2 cent) per kWh more than PG&E for any over-production sold back to the grid (Net Surplus Compensation Rate or NSC). See Pioneer’s current NSC rate.
  • Unused solar generation credits rollover, from month to month.
  • Pioneer bills for net electricity used, monthly, as opposed to annually.
  • Net Surplus Generators will receive checks during the March/April billing period if their credit balance for the past 12 months exceeds $25. Credit balances less than $25 will be rolled forward onto the next bill.

Solar Power And Pioneer Enrollment

Eligible solar customers can return to Pioneer Community Energy at any time. When a solar customer enrolls with Pioneer, PG&E sets the renewed annual true-up date to align with the transition date to Pioneer. For more information about PG&E’s annual true-up reconciliations, you can visit this resource page.

Commercial Roof top with solar power panels

Pioneer Pays For Solar Power

Once a year, during the March/April billing cycle, Pioneer will cash out Net Surplus Generators with balances of $25 or more. A Net Surplus Generator is a Net Energy Metering (NEM) customer who has generated more electricity over the past 12 months than they used. Net Surplus Generators receive Net Surplus Compensation at the current listed rate. If the value of your Net Surplus Generation is $25 or more, Pioneer will send you a check. If the value of your Net Surplus Generation is less than $25, Pioneer will credit your next bill.

A Net Consumer is a NEM customer who uses more electricity than they generated over the previous 12 months. Each month, Pioneer will apply the kWh generated to kWh consumed to offset NEM generation, at the full retail rate. The remaining generation consumed will be billed monthly at Pioneer’s stable and competitive rate.

Commercial solar panels in parking lot

No More Large Annual Electric Generation True-ups!

With Pioneer, you can say goodbye to big, annual electric generation true-up bills by paying monthly when your consumption exceeds your generation.

Net Energy Metering (NEM) Rates

A customer of Pioneer is also a customer of PG&E, for transmission and distribution. As such, when a customer enrolls in Pioneer, they keep their current PG&E rate.

Customers maintain their grandfathered NEM rate for PG&E transmission and delivery service, so your grandfathered NEM rate remains unchanged, and you will receive the benefit of Pioneer’s more stable, competitive generation rates when you are not producing adequate power.

Solar Power Generation And Utility Billing

For an individualized bill analysis, please call the Pioneer offices at 916-758-8969.

To learn more about solar and your bill, please visit the Understanding Your Commercial Solar Bill.

Commercial solar farm

Claim Earned PG&E energy credits when enrolling with Pioneer

You must apply with PG&E to request payment for any unused energy credits you have at the time of enrolling with Pioneer. To apply, please call PG&E at 1 (877) 743-4112 or follow the instructions contained in your true-up statement.

For questions or additional information on your solar energy production, net energy metering or anything about your energy bill, please contact your Pioneer Community Energy team by email at and by phone at (916) 758-8969.

For Frequently Asked Questions about solar with Pioneer, please visit our FAQ page.

Solar Customers Receive Annual True-Up

Pioneer issued checks to solar customers with a cumulative net surplus of energy (known as Net Surplus Generators) during May for the March/April billing period if their credit balance (calculated at the Net Surplus Compensation Rate) for the past 12 months exceeded $25.00. Credit balances of less than $25.00 were rolled forward and applied to the next bill.

A few of our clients have contacted us to confirm the check’s authenticity. Rest assured, it is indeed real! If you receive a Blue or Orange check from with a reference to Pioneer, it is safe to deposit. 

We take pride in helping our solar customers save; Pioneer pays $.005 (1/2 cent) per kWh more than PG&E for any over-production sold back to the grid (Net Surplus Compensation Rate or NSC).