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Upcoming Events

Recurring Events


There are currently no upcoming events scheduled. Please check back at a later date, or please send us the details of events you would like to see us participate in near you.

Board and Committee Meetings

For Board and Committee meetings, please visit our meetings and agendas page.

Pioneer is community owned and operated. We look forward to engaging with you at events out in our community, meetings or the hosted webinars listed below. If you are looking for more information or would like to connect, reach out by email at or by phone at (916) 758-8969.

Webinars and Recorded Community Engagement Discussions

To ensure that our community can engage with us even when we cannot see and connect with you in person, if allowed, Pioneer will record public events and share them here following events.

Solar Seminar

Pioneer presents information on getting the most out of solar systems. There is information for everyone – what you need to know about the financing, how rate plans can leverage the power of your solar system, how to decipher a solar bill and key information solar owners need to watch to ensure systems are working well. The presentation also covers the differences between Net Energy Metering and the new Solar Billing Plan.

What is Pioneer Community Energy

This webinar provides an overview of Pioneer Community Energy, how it works, where the energy comes from, how enrollment works, programs, what billing looks like and more.

Ways to Save Energy

This webinar looks at a variety of programs open to ratepayers for saving money on electricity. From rate plans to programs to energy efficiency – there is something for everyone when It comes to steps to take to electricity.

Grass Valley Town Hall - July 2023

Pioneer hosts a Town Hall explaining Pioneer Community Energy and the upcoming expansion to Grass Valley.

Nevada City/Grass Valley Town Hall - March 2023

Pioneer hosts an online Town Hall explaining the benefits of Pioneer Community Energy for Nevada City and Grass Valley.

Biomass Energy - Environmental and Grid Resiliency Benefits – 10/26/22

Pioneer hosts an online webinar discussing the environmental benefits and grid resiliency opportunities of biomass energy.

Going Solar - Got Solar? Things to Know – 9/22/22

Pioneer hosts an online webinar where Pioneer staff will provide insights and tips on how to get the most out of your solar system, read the bill and track information about how well your system is working.