PG&E has increased rates for all customers to support their poles and wires (T&D). This affects Pioneer and non-Pioneer customers equally – everyone’s rates will go up the exact same dollar amount.
Don’t be misled. We guarantee that Pioneer’s savings over PG&E have not changed. Calculate your savings in El Dorado and Placer County.

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Welcome Back to the Pioneer Family

Customers who opt-out of Pioneer Community Energy as their electric energy provider within 60 days of their auto-enrolment date can return to Pioneer any time. Once the 60 day grace period has ended, all opted-out customers must continue as PG&E customers for a minimum of 12 months from their opt-out date before they are eligible to return to Pioneer.

To better understand when you are eligible to return to Pioneer and start seeing all the many benefits, simply call the Pioneer Community Energy offices at (916) 758-8969 or fill out the form below. 

Solar Customers Receive Annual True-Up

Pioneer issued checks to solar customers with a cumulative net surplus of energy (known as Net Surplus Generators) during May for the March/April billing period if their credit balance (calculated at the Net Surplus Compensation Rate) for the past 12 months exceeded $25.00. Credit balances of less than $25.00 were rolled forward and applied to the next bill.

A few of our clients have contacted us to confirm the check’s authenticity. Rest assured, it is indeed real! If you receive a Blue or Orange check from with a reference to Pioneer, it is safe to deposit. 

We take pride in helping our solar customers save; Pioneer pays $.005 (1/2 cent) per kWh more than PG&E for any over-production sold back to the grid (Net Surplus Compensation Rate or NSC).