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Inflation Reduction Act Energy Rebates and Incentives

2023 marks the rollout of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) tax credits to individuals and businesses trying to reduce their energy consumption and transition to renewable energy.

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is a historic 10-year plan that includes energy rebates and tax credits to help consumers save money on energy bills while benefiting the environment through energy efficiency upgrades, electrifying their homes, adopting solar and batteries, or purchasing an electric vehicle.

Tax Credits & Energy Rebates

The IRA’s incentives are designed to increase access to clean technology and save American households up to $1 billion annually. It includes rebates and tax credits for:

Some at-home items to evaluate or upgrade include:

  • New electric appliances
  • New and used electric vehicles
  • Home weatherization and energy efficiency upgrades
  • Rooftop solar and battery storage system installation

Many tax credits and electrification rebates are available now. See chart at

Item Amount
Battery Storage Installation
Geothermal Heating Installation
Electrical Panel
Electric Vehicle Charger
New Electric Vehicle
Used Electric Vehicle
Heat Pump Air Conditioner/Heater
Heat Pump Water Heater
Rooftop Solar Installation

Federal Tax Credits

The IRA will affect individuals, businesses, tax exempt and government entities. Tax credits available now are for energy consumers who made eligible purchases starting January 1, 2023. (Be sure to save your receipts for tax filing season.)

State Rebates

Final information about these rebates is yet to be determined. The California Energy Commission is holding workshops to seek input on program development in late 2023 and expects rebates to become available to the public in 2024. Visit the California Energy Commission’s IRA webpage for more information.

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