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At Pioneer Community Energy, we recognize that each commercial customer has unique energy needs, which vary widely depending on the customer’s type of business or industry. The rising cost of energy is a concern for all commercial operations, and Pioneer can help you find energy options that meet your business’s specific needs and help control your power costs. Read on to learn more about the ways Pioneer’s programs save money and resources for commercial customers like you.

Emergency Load Reduction Program (ELRP)

The Emergency Load Reduction Program (ELRP) is piloting a new Demand Response approach to help avoid rotating power outages from May through October when electricity usage peaks. Created by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in 2021 for commercial customers and managed by PG&E in the Pioneer service area, the ELRP expanded to include residential customers for the summer season in 2022 and beyond.

Pioneer has chosen to opt in to this state-funded program as part of our commitment to fighting to keep your costs down. Participation in the ELRP is free for our customers and gives you another way to save money.

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The ELRP is administered by Olivine, Inc. For more information, please visit Olivine’s website at

The ELRP offers customers risk-free financial incentives to reduce their energy usage during times of high grid stress and emergencies. This helps minimize your business’s costs and avoid the need for rotating outages. The ELRP is entirely voluntary and does not impose penalties for nonperformance.

Program Requirements: Is Your Business Eligible to Participate?

Commercial, industrial, agricultural, and small and medium-sized business (non-residential) Pioneer customers can enroll directly in the program if they:

  • Have the ability to reduce their energy load by at least 1 kilowatt (kW) during an event; and
  • Are not currently enrolled in any other demand response program.

Program Requirements: Is Your Business Eligible to Participate?

Electricity is the power that drives businesses. Without it, keeping your doors open and operations running is a daunting — if not impossible — prospect. You can help prevent power outages from impacting your business by enrolling in the ELRP. If your business can reduce its electrical load during times of stress on the power grid and emergencies, participating in the ELRP will help keep your power online and available this summer. The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) monitors the electrical grid, and issues notices when it expects an event that may result in a power outage. The ELRP is called upon as a last resort in emergency situations.
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The ELRP is operational between May and October. The events that trigger an ELRP notice can occur between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. on any day of the week, lasting from one to five hours. Depending on grid conditions, the CAISO may call events on consecutive days. Businesses enrolled in the ELRP are asked to participate for a maximum of 60 hours per year.

If you choose to enroll your business in the ELRP, your participation is strictly voluntary. If you exceed or do not meet your load reduction nomination, you will not be penalized financially.

You will be credited $1 per kilowatt hour of energy that you save during these events.

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