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Pioneer Supports Your Right to Choose

Your Power. Your Choice.

As a community resource we’re always interested in learning why customers wish to opt out of our CCA program and what questions they might have.

Frequently Asked Questions About Opting Out

To access the opt-out form, you must complete the steps located in the “Opt Out” section below. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service department for assistance opting out of the program.

If you are having trouble opting out online, try refreshing your browser. If that still doesn’t work, please contact customer service at 916-758-8969 or 1-844-YES-PIONEER for assistance.

Yes, customers who request to leave Pioneer Community Energy can rejoin Pioneer at a later date. However, if you leave Pioneer after the first 60 days of service, PG&E will require you to remain with PG&E’s bundled service for one year. In order to rejoin Pioneer after leaving, you will need to contact Pioneer Community Energy directly at 916-758-8969 or toll free at (844) YES-PIONEER.

No, you can opt out at any time, but PG&E restrictions will apply based on notification periods and terms established by PG&E. Find out more about opting out and CCA guidelines by visiting the PG&E CCA FAQ page.

There is no fee from Pioneer for opting out of energy service with us.

However, there is a PG&E-added rate charge that customers who opt out from Pioneer will incur, and this may significantly increase bills depending on how a customer chooses to opt out.

PG&E offers only two options for opting out of Pioneer’s service, and which one you choose will affect your bill. The options are:

  • Option A: Immediate Opt-Out
    This option will return you to PG&E rates at the end of your current billing cycle, five business days after your request. Instead of Pioneer-purchased power, your service will be replaced by PG&E-purchased electricity. Going back to PG&E “immediately” allows them to bill you at a transitional rate for six months. PG&E’s transitional rate is based on energy market prices and can vary over the six-month period; these rates may be either higher or lower than standard rates. As of January 2023, customers who use this method to opt out are experiencing a generation rate increase of over 250% that is causing their bills to rise significantly.
  • Option B: Six-Month Opt-Out
    Selecting this option means that you can avoid transitional rate increases by notifying PG&E six months in advance about your decision to opt out. Customers selecting this option will be returned to PG&E’s electricity generation service six months after the end of their current billing cycle, after the opt-out has been processed. Giving six months’ advance notice to PG&E allows you to avoid the rate increases that are triggered by opting out immediately.

PG&E rules prohibit customers who opt out from Pioneer and return to PG&E rates from switching providers again for 12 months. To learn more please read our TBCC blog post.

Opt Out

Still want to opt out? Complete the form below to opt out of Pioneer Community Energy service and return to PG&E for your electricity needs.

We encourage all customers to review our Understanding Your Bill page or our Placer County rates page or our El Dorado County rates page, as Pioneer customers typically pay over 15 percent less for electricity generation than with an investor-owned utility. We encourage you to call our customer service team at 916-758-8969 to talk through your bill over the phone.
Allow us to explain the program further by calling us at at (916) 758-8969 . Additionally, you can learn more about Pioneer by visiting the About Us page.
Pioneer supports reliable solar energy and pays more per kWh than PG&E for overproduction. Pioneer’s solar or net energy metering (NEM) customers received more than $484,000 in our most recent cycle.

Before opting out, learn more at one of our monthly webinars or on our solar page.

It’s important to remember that participation in our service will always be your choice. In 2002, California’s Community Choice Aggregation Law (AB 117) made enrollment in the local community choice agency the default when available. Customers residing in the Pioneer Community Energy service area are automatically enrolled unless they choose not to participate by opting out. It truly is your power and your choice. Are you opting out because you don’t know enough about default enrollment requirements imposed by AB 117, Community Choice Aggregators or PIoneer Community Energy? Please visit our How it Works page or call 916-758-8969 to speak with a Pioneer team member.

To learn more about Pioneer Community Energy as a locally owned provider of electricity — powering the communities we serve with competitive rates, reliable service and a choice in energy options, please visit our About Us page.

For more information on Community Choice Aggregators you can visit CalCCA

Commercial customers can opt out on our Commercial Opt Out page.
PG&E is imposing charges on customers who opt out immediately, which could increase bills for these local customers by over 250% as of January 2023. Please read this article first to learn more, or select the six-month opt out option to avoid this fee.

An opt-out form will pop up after your response has been submitted.

PG&E's Transitional Bundled Commodity Cost Rate

There is no fee from Pioneer for opting out of your energy service with us. However, there is an added PG&E rate charge due to market prices that can cause the customer’s bill to increase significantly, depending on your opt-out selection. As of January 2023, customers who opt out with the “immediate” method are experiencing a generation rate increase of over 250% that is causing their bills to rise dramatically. Read more about the Transitional Bundled Commodity Cost rate (TBCC) here.