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With Pioneer Community Energy, commercial customers have a choice in energy options. 90% of your neighbors agree that locally controlled energy provides value to our community. 

Stable and Competitive Rates

Pioneer has the lowest electricity generation rates of all energy providers in the state. We earned Find Energy’s 2020 award for the Lowest Residential Electricity Generation Rate in California.

Your Power. Your Choice.

Pioneer customers interested in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions can now enroll in Green100, the only 100% renewable energy option in the area.

Pioneer is Your Community-Owned
Commercial Energy Provider

Pioneer and all community-owned energy providers succeed when our businesses get involved.

Here are ways you can engage with us.

Join our Monthly Board Meetings.

Review our board agendas and hear board decisions firsthand.

Learn more about our Community Programs Advisory Committee (CPAC).

Connecting with the community through local leaders, the Pioneer Community Programs Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the Pioneer board on program development for the community.

Apply to Do Business
with Pioneer.

Pioneer has invested more than $8 million in the local economy through neighborhood businesses to support our operational needs.

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