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Meetings and Agendas

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Pioneer began providing services in 2018 to over 94,000 customers. In 2022, Pioneer expanded to new territories and now serves more than 150,000 accounts across eight Member Agencies.  The Board of Directors consists of locally elected officials and representatives who are appointed by their Member Agency governing bodies.

We encourage you to join us.

Meetings of the Pioneer Board of Directors, Audit & Finance Committee and the Community Programs Advisory Committee are open to the public with time dedicated for public comment. These meetings are recorded and remain available on our website.

Pioneer is committed to transparency and invites the public to attend and participate in our Board and Committee meetings.

Approved 2023 Board Meeting Schedule

In accordance with California Government Code section 54954.2(a)(1), Board and Committee agendas are posted for public review on the Pioneer website and at the offices of Pioneer Community Energy, 2510 Warren Drive, Suite B, Rocklin, CA 95677.

If you’d like to comment outside of Board meetings, please send your communications to the Pioneer Community Energy Board of Directors at: from which all items will be provided to the Board of Directors.

Mail correspondence may be sent to Pioneer Community Energy, 2510 Warren Drive, Suite B, Rocklin CA 95677. 

Approved 2023 Pioneer Community Energy Board Meeting Schedule.

The Board of Directors Meeting and Public Hearing will convene in person at Pioneer Community Energy, 2510 Warren Drive, Suite B, Rocklin, CA 95677;  at remote location Nevada City – City Hall Wetherall Conference Room, 317 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA 95959; and be broadcast through the Zoom platform at the following link: The agenda will be available under Upcoming Events in accordance with California Government Code section 54954.2(a)(1). Residents and customers who wish to comment on an agenda item need to participate in person or through the Zoom link above. The Broadcast below is for viewing only.