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Customer Programs

LED Lightning Bolt

Programs Created by Our Community for Our Community

As the energy market continues to change and shift, Pioneer remains steadfast in its commitment to help our customers save energy and money. Along with competitive electricity rates, Pioneer is implementing programs that support our customers’ energy needs and reflect input from our Community Advisory Committee.

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LED Lighting Rebates

Save money by replacing old compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or old LEDs through Pioneer’s discounted LED program. Pioneer works with participating retailers to offer instant discounts on LED lights and other products.

LED Lightbulb Couple

Local Feed-In Tariff (FIT)

Pioneer’s Local-FIT program provides incentives for the development of biomass and run-of-the-river hydro generation facilities in our service territory. In addition to reinvesting in the communities we serve, these generation types provide many local benefits by addressing the specific needs of Pioneer’s service areas.

Energy Marketplace

Pioneer’s online marketplace reduces the stress of shopping for the right product and installer by providing a one-stop shop for getting pricing quotes and product options to meet your needs. Use our marketplace to search for solar and battery storage options and receive three instant bids from verified contractors.

Workers installing solar panels on the roof.

Solar Plus Storage

Pioneer is making access to solar power more accessible by partnering with Tesla to install rooftop solar and battery systems for interested residents. Program participants will receive a solar-plus-storage system with no upfront cost and no credit underwriting.