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Pioneer Issues $1.1 Million in Checks to Solar Customers

Solar Panels Installed on Residential Roof

ROCKLIN – Pioneer Community Energy (Pioneer), a locally owned not-for-profit electricity provider, announced today that it has issued checks in excess of $1.1 million to more than 9,000 customers as part of its annual Net Energy Metering (NEM) cash-out cycle. An additional 2,627 customers with Net Surplus Compensation (NSC) balances below $25 received credits to their accounts totaling $30,265.

The NEM program applies specifically to solar customers. Under Pioneer’s NEM program, Pioneer reviews solar generation and usage for the previous 12 months during the March-April billing cycle. Customers who generated more electricity than they used during those months receive payment for the extra energy generated. Payments are made based on kilowatt hours (kWh).

“Cumulatively, cashouts to Pioneer’s NEM customers now totals more than $3.5 million since 2018,” said Pioneer Chief Executive Officer Don Eckert. “That is a real investment back into the community and certainly an incentive for those considering solar in their future.”

Pioneer has more than 42,000 solar customers and pays its customers a half-cent ($0.005) more per kWh than PG&E. For customers who do not have solar, Pioneer recently launched a new program for those who want to power their own homes with electricity they generate. The Pioneer Solar Marketplace allows customers to search for solar and battery storage options from verified installers. Customers go online, fill in their address, provide details about their electricity panel and energy usage, and then instantly receive three bids from verified installers, for installation.

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