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Pioneer Establishes Community-Run Programs Advisory Committee

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Pioneer Community Energy (Pioneer) appointed an 11-member committee to provide public insight and perspective on ratepayer benefit programs to the Pioneer Board. The Community Programs Advisory Committee (CPAC) includes volunteer members from both Placer and El Dorado Counties.

“We created Pioneer to provide local control over our current and future energy costs, and part of that control is determining what types of customer programs we would like to offer,” said Jim Holmes, Placer County District 3 Supervisor, and Pioneer Board Chair. “Local control also means inviting the public to help us shape those programs through CPAC.”

After the Pioneer Board approved creating CPAC in May, staff distributed recruitment notices throughout Placer and El Dorado counties, seeking applicants. Following review of the applications received, staff provided a list of potential candidates for the Board to approve at its September 16, 2021 meeting.

El Dorado County representatives include Dennis Byrne, El Dorado Hills; Dana Fennie, Greenwood; Brandon Reinhardt, El Dorado Hills; Bora Akyol, El Dorado Hills; Kelly Kantola, Cameron Park; and Glenn Krakow, El Dorado Hills. Placer County representatives include David Deckman, Newcastle; Glen Kramer, Auburn; Geoffrey McLennan, Rocklin; James Curtis, Lincoln; and Lee Kosla, Rocklin.

CPAC will meet publicly once a month with a goal of providing a report on program recommendations to the Pioneer Board by November 2022. CPAC may also recommend programs sooner if the opportunity and funding for a program becomes available earlier.

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