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Pioneer Community Energy Exceeds PG&E’s Payback Credits to Net Energy Metering (Solar) Customers

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Pioneer Community Energy, a local-choice electricity provider serving communities in Placer and El Dorado County with competitive rates, reports good news to its more than 30,000 solar customers. The amount sent to customers in bill credits or checks is nearly $484,000 for this cycle. And Pioneer pays a 1/2 cent more than PG&E for each kWh credit (any over-production sold back to the grid). 

Customers with a cumulative net surplus of energy (Net Surplus Generators) received checks during the April/May billing period if their credit balance for the past 12 months exceeded $25.00. Credit balances for less than $25.00 rolled forward onto the next bill.

“Cumulatively cashouts to our Net Energy Metering customers is now over $855,931 in payments since 2018 specified Alice Dowdin Calvillo, Chair of the Pioneer Community Energy Board of Directors and Auburn Mayor Pro Tem. “That is a real investment back into the community and certainly an incentive for those considering solar in their future.”

In addition to the greater return on investment due to the higher payback credit for generating their own power, Pioneer also offers the opportunity for existing solar customers to avoid yearly billing, often an unwelcomed surprise for PG&E solar customers.

“With Net Energy Metering, solar power generation credits are applied at the retail rate against the total amount of electricity consumed each month, says Donald Eckert Jr., Executive Director for Pioneer. “Any profits generated are reinvested into the community through programs and services and keeping Pioneer generation rates low.”

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