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TOUA Customers Receive Notice of Rate Plan Change: Pioneer Reminds Customers That They Have a Choice

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Pioneer Community Energy (Pioneer) customers on the time-of-use rate plan TOUA began receiving notices from PG&E in August advising that they would be moved automatically to the TOUC3 rate plan in October 2020.

Time-of-use rate plans have time periods like 4 pm to 9 pm or 5 pm to 8 pm where electricity costs more than other times of day. Customers exercise control over their electricity costs by shifting when they use power to time periods when electricity costs less.

Because PG&E is closing the TOUA rate plan, all customers, including Pioneer customers, on TOUA must be moved to the default rate plan TOUC3 unless customers choose otherwise.

Pioneer reminds customers that they can evaluate and choose their rate plans, using a rate analysis tool. The rate analysis tool takes a customer’s actual usage and evaluates it under the different rate plans. It then provides the customer with a rate plan recommendation.

Customers then advise PG&E of their choice. Once the change is made, Pioneer is updated by PG&E, so customers only have one notification to make. The new rate plan usually takes effect on the next billing cycle.

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